‘El Amir’ will be performing at the Festival de la Guitarra de Córdoba 2016 on July 6th with his special flamenco band ‘El Amir’ Flamenco Mediterraneo at the Teatro Gongora de Córdoba at 21:30h.

For this occasion he counts with an amazing group of talented and renowned artists. His band will be composed by: Eva Durán (pure power & gipsy voice), Thomas Potiron (outstanding violinist), Kike Terrón (one of the best cajón percussionists collaborating with the best flamenco artists) and Jesus Bachiller ‘Bachi’ (amazing young bass player of the new generation and currently emerging into the flamenco scene and music industry).

‘El Amir’ will have additional special featuring guest artists such as: Jorge Pardo on flute and saxophone (National Award for contemporary music styles, Award for best Jazz Musician Europe), Joaquin Ruiz on flamenco dance (he is recognized as one of the most important dance maestros within the flamenco world due to his innovations and choreographies) and Pepe Justicia on flamenco guitar (one of Spain´s best concert guitarists and guitar maestros, National Award for Flamenco Guitar).

Besides being one of Spain’s most brilliant, powerful and creative solo concert guitarists ‘El Amir’ out-stands due to his high technical level, virtuosity, great personality, maturity, original sound and own style. He is as well an excellent multi instrumentalist, multi ethnic musician, composer, producer and artistic director.

Along his interesting and already long career ‘El Amir’ has performed, recorded and collaborated with a long number of amazing artists of very different music styles.

Within the flamenco he applies his open, fresh and creative vision where he combines skillfully his various music styles and influences without loosing the strong character of the tradition and essence of flamenco.

It is a world class show with a thrilling and powerful stage performance.

The band:

Amir John Haddad ‘El Amir’ – flamenco guitar, bouzouki, arabic oud
Carmina Cortés – flamenco vocals
Raul Marquez – violin
Kike Terrón – cajon & percussion
Jesus Bachiller ‘Bachi’ – bass

Featuring guest artists:

Jorge Pardo – flute & sax
Joaquin Ruiz – flamenco dance
Pepe Justicia – flamenco guitar

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