One of the most interesting projects within nowadays flamenco world.

“Flamenco Mediterráneo” is a voyage full of emotions, the flamenco guitar searching for its roots. From India and the far East to the Mediterranean Sea going through the Balkans or North Africa, the guitar meets music styles which reflect the emotion and cultural heritage of flamenco surrounded by many oriental and Mediterranean musical styles.

The flamenco guitar is one of the most powerful instruments which connects with its past and beautifies the present. Arabic melodies and African rhythms, Persian and Indian sounds blend with flamenco dance and singing from a modern and contemporary point of view without losing the tradition, root and the character of these cultures and music styles.

No one better than El Amir is able to delight us with his music and deliver this great show, which had its successful debut at the renowned International Guitar Festival of Cordoba in 2016 well accepted by audience and press. A unique and spectacular show.



«9 Guitarras», 2013
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Distribución internacional: Galileo

«Pasando por Tabernas», 2006