“The World of Hans Zimmer – A Symphonic Celebration” is coming to Spain to the Universal Music Festival for an unforgettable concert which will take place on July 3rd at the Teatro Real (Royal Opera) in Madrid. The show counts with many amazing featuring guest artists and friends of the composer himself such as Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance), renowned director and conducter Gavin Greenaway or the violinist Rusanda Panfili.

Amir John Haddad – EL AMIR has been invited as a soloist on Flamenco Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bouzouki and Ukelele performing famous film soundtracks such as Mission Impossible, Pearl Harbour, Gladiator or Pirates of the Caribbean among many others.

During the show the audience will be able to enjoy the most amazing and beautiful visual projections as well as scenes from each film according to the soundtrack.
It is a Multimedia concept based on an amazing sound, enhanced with an amazing light show. A show for all senses!

Hans Zimmer, winner of many Oscars, Grammies, Golden Globes etc, is with no doubt one of the most influential, talented and amazing composers of soundtracks of our time.
Like no other composer his powerful musical landscapes have defined a unique and personal style in the contemporary film industry. His soundtracks have always added an amazing amount of drama and emotional depth to a long list of worldwide renowned productions such as: Lion King, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, Da Vinci Code, Batman, Dark Knight, Origin, Inception or Interstellar just to name a few of them.This year Hans Zimmer won the Oscar for his impressive soundtrack for Dunkerque.

The sign “SOLD OUT” clearly show the huge amount of interest the audience has in being part of this great spectacle!!

More information under www.worldofhanszimmer.com