Emotion and Power of Flamenco

This extraordinary sextet offers us a powerful and pure flamenco concert based on the three traditional elements such as vocals, dance and guitar blending different instruments like violin, bass, percussion, bouzouki to create a fresh musical fusion within the flamenco.

The show begins first with solo guitar and slowly completes the line up by adding artist until the whole sextet is on stage. All artists around El Amir are world-class performers that have been touring with the most important flamenco figures. He usually is accompanied by flamenco dancers like Joaquin Ruiz, Jonatan Miró, Inmaculada Ortega, Karen Lugo, Luis de Luis, …

El Amir is a superb live performer full of preciseness, passion, expression and his sextet puts the stage on fire and guarantees a very powerful show with strong and emotional flamenco content.

His concerts are always unique and unrepeatable. In each show he is accompanied by different musicians with whom he transmits new emotions, a great experience for all the senses.

Amir John Haddad ‘El Amir’ – Flamenco guitar, Greek buzuki
CAST vocals, danse, violin, bass guitar, percussions, cajón



«9 Guitarras», 2013
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Distribución internacional: Galileo

«Pasando por Tabernas», 2006