His most orthodox show full of Flamenco roots.

Andalucia is a melting pot of cultures. That explains its personality and amazing flamenco music. Flamenco is one of the unique and most expressive art forms.
El Amir has been very close to Andalucia since childhood and makes a tribute to the province that has embraced and taught him so many beautiful things.

“Flamenco Andalucia” is the most orthodox flamenco line-up of all his projects. He dedicates each composition to each capital in Andalucia using different flamenco styles to reflect the characteristics of each place.

El Amir inspired himself by landscapes, smells and the character of human beings. It’s a journey through time where you can enjoy the ancient energy of Andalucía and absorb the sound of flamenco at its best.
Emotion and feelings are the basic ingredients in his music in order to transmit both inner deepness and happiness. Andalucia is one of the most beautiful places of the world and this beauty is hidden in his music.

quartet / quintet
Amir John Haddad ‘El Amir’ Flamenco guitar
CAST bass guitar, percussions, vocals (dance)



«9 Guitarras», 2013
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Distribución internacional: Galileo

«Pasando por Tabernas», 2006