We are delighted to announce that the 14th December, our quartet Zoobazar will perform at Ollin Kan Festival of Porto, Portugal. The International Festival of Cultures in Resistance Ollin Kan is an approximation to a different view of those who resist and defend their heritage and cultural alternatives, one of the most important festivals in the world. «Ollin Kan» means moving place in the indigenous language of Mexico – Nahuatl. The festival became itinerant, carrying the message of alternative world to different cities and countries worldwide as Mali, Portugal and Mexico. A vigorous encounter between people who bring songs and dances from all continents and in its purest form. Sounds of the Arab world, flamenco, fado, Celtic music, reggae, rumba, salsa, sounds jarochos, Caribbean music, samba, bossa nova, tango, Balkan music and all roots expressions in its purest form and many fusions with the modern world.

This year Ollin Kan festival will take place on 13,14 and 15th December at Casa da Musica – Porto, Portugal.

Zoobazar – 14 DEC – 23:30 h – Casa da Musica – Porto

More information on Ollin Kan Facebook page.

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