3 weeks at the Nelson Mandela Theatre in Johannesburg

Soulfoot is a mesmerizing multi-ethnic show where music, dance and visual performing arts blend together into an emotionally unforgettable experience.

World Music with acrobats from Vietnam, South African dance, sand painting with projection, extreme juggling, aero dance, amazing musicians an singers from Africa, India, Arabia, Europe and South America. This show was created to share an universal language through a musical and visual journey through time and space on the feet of our soul.
18 artists from 17 different countries. Worldwide recognized and high quality performers  form the artistic cast of Soulfoot. These ambassadors of art will combine multimedia percussion, dance, music, acrobatics and visual arts to open up al frontiers and come together in brotherhood!!

This year Amir John Haddad will be the musical director of the show hoch will be on tour in August 2014 through Germany, Austria and South Africa .

The show is entirely dedicated to its creator an founder Finn Martin (Saxoph player and multi instrumental artist) one of the most amazing musicians that has lived on this planet.

Check out all the tour dates and schedules of SOULFOOT on the following link: Amir’ web